Drotrix Creative Digital Agency

Dardan Lajqi

Dardan Lajqi CEO

Dimal Stublla

Dimal Stublla UI/UX Designer

Amar Syla

Amar SylaWeb & Mobile Developer

Bujar Haskaj

Bujar HaskajAccount Executive

Lorik Smolica

Lorik SmolicaAccount Executive
New York


Drotrix is a leading creative digital solutions agency based in Pristina with a branch in Peja, and office representatives in New York and Switzerland. Drotrix is a team of very passionate, creative and professional individuals who create, consult, strategize, deliver and maintain custom web and app based software projects of all sizes. Drotrix, founded on 2015, came as a result of a successful “marriage” between the two amazing brains: Dardan, who brought to firm his colorful 4 years of experience on managing software projects as big as $100k and Dimal, who brought to firm an amazing portfolio of over 100 published design works. The two who come from different parts of the industry, Dardan who talks business and strategy, and Dimal who talks reaching peaks of industry standards, make the perfect fit to deliver to you the best solutions in fast turnaround time that is just unbeatable for the industry.

Drotrix for clients mainly lists firms and busy professionals from New York, UK and Switzerland and has a growing portfolio of projects on various industries (insurance, beverage production, retail, festivals, game development, consultancy, service delivery, etc) that have touched all aspects of modern business from that of modernizing systems, building efficiency and automating to that of running marketing, increasing sales and leading the online presence.

To discuss your project and book a free consultation please contact us: hello@drotrix.com.

Dardan Lajqi

Dardan is a business savvy professional with over 5 years of experience in business consulting and software development management. He has crafted, developed, managed and executed over 60 ideas and projects of various sizes and in all aspects of business operations from that of marketing, operation and technology to software infrastructure modernization. His work has been mainly concentrated but is not limited to businesses operating in New York and New Jersey where he worked and consulted players in various industries (education, continuing education, insurance, manufacture, digital businesses, etc.).

Moreover, Dardan is a business major graduate and a passionate entrepreneur. On 2013 he received trainings on Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth and Tuck School of Business, who has provided the basis to found and establish Drotrix. In Drotrix, Dardan is mainly responsible for strategizing/crafting and managing projects, while also serving as our CEO and Happiness Manager. His experience and creative thinking ensures that we create and execute impressive solutions that not just fulfill your needs but also bring to you success that you haven’t dreamed of.

Dardan, when not working enjoys traveling and exploring new places. When free time is limited he likes to ride his mountain bike Trek, but if weather doesn’t allow you will probably find him reading about anything new.

Dimal Stublla

Dimal is a passionate UI/UX designer and front-end developer with more than 6 years of experience. His designs and works are now available online on more than a 100 different websites all around the globe. Moreover, more than 20 firms internationally operate with the image and brand that Dimal was responsible for. In Drotrix, he is mainly responsible for creative design work, while also serving as the Quality Ambassador. His amazing attention to detail combined with his unique taste and creativity make him one of the key players on keeping and growing work standards all around the board.

Dimal also enjoys sharing his brain with others, which has pushed him to pursue his other passion, teaching. That is why Dimal is also an instructor and talent nurturer of Drotrix. He is currently teaching classes for Front-end development and Web design 1.

In his free time and when weather is good, he likes to ride his mountain bike Cube. Whereas, when the weather is bad he follows system information trends and reads about science.

Amar Syla

Amar, our lead developer, and the to go guy for when team needs a tech advice is an ambitious software programmer who has not been afraid to work and learn almost every coding language that exists in our complex world. Moreover, Amar, whose favorite quote is “Code is Poetry”, even at a very young age has pursued and won coding competitions against programmers with way more experience. To Drotrix, Amar does not just bring a huge skillset that is unique to the industry, but also his calm and open character that makes collaboration fun and ensures timely delivery of projects. Amar has worked on over 25 projects all around the globe and has been the main developer on over 15 other projects. In addition to this Amar, who with great pleasure shares his knowledge, enjoys teaching and instructing others about code and development. As a result of that Amar has been an amazing lead developer and collaborator, while lately he has also became our newest instructor for the Web Development Advanced course.

In his free time, Amar enjoys helping people in StackOverflow and contributing to open-source projects.

Bujar Haskaj

Bujar is a hardworking architect based on Switzerland, who at Drotrix serves in the position of Account Executive. Bujar, aside from working as an architect, is also a co-founder of SunCoreGames, which is a rising creative board game selling fast in Switzerland. To Drotrix, Bujar brings in his client relationship skills and his growing network of professionals, while he continues to explore the industry and signing in accounts.

In his free time, Bujar enjoys hanging out with his friends, traveling and visiting his family in Kosovo.

To reach Bujar, our Switzerland representative - email him: bujar@drotrix.com

Lorik Smolica

Lorik is a rising software programmer and a passionate life explorer. He is our to go professional in New York and handles some of our accounts there. Lorik, a political studies graduate has worked and explored various different industries during his career. Lately, he has enrolled on a computer science degree program and has continued to grow his skills. To Drotrix, he brings a sizeable network from various industries and a well built personality that clients adore.

In his free time, Lorik enjoys playing soccer and keeping in touch with his friends all over the world.

To reach Lorik, our New York representative - email him: lorik@drotrix.com